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Avarn has been helping technology organizations with talent acquisition since 2014. We match businesses with the world's leading tech professionals by using exceptional sourcing strategies and an individual approach to clients' needs. Our enthusiastic team of more than 200 skilled recruitment experts has an in-depth knowledge of the tech industry and access to a worldwide talent pool. The number of clients we assist keeps growing: we currently have 319 partners in 15 different countries. Driven by a dedication to recruiting the very best candidates, we always reach set goals.

Whether you're a small start-up or a tech giant, Avarn always produces end-to-end solutions.

  1. Our recruitment solutions

    The world of IT business is changing rapidly. The only element, which importance stays constant is human resources, and in the current climate, time becomes a vital asset. Avarn is a guaranteed solution to your hiring problems. Whether your business needs to relocate an essential developer or find a temporary team for a short-term project, we can provide a combination of available solutions or design a customized one.

  2. Full life cycle recruitment

    When faced with the challenge of fulfilling our clients’ staffing requirements, Avarn always finds creative ways to attract and retain talents locally or internationally.

    • Get your next tech superstar with our cost-effective and reliable hire solutions. We research the global market thoroughly and present only suitable candidates that meet all the criteria.

    • Expand your team by relocating ambitious developers to your office from any country in the world. We hold remote interviews, evaluate language skills and accompany candidates every step of the way: from first contact to the very end of the trial period.

    • Gain access to high-demand executive candidates with the help of our expert consultants. We provide confidential in-depth network search and closely work with prospective personnel’s motivation.

    • Become more flexible and innovate the candidate search with temporary solutions. We are able to provide a labor force for projects of any duration and help with the company’s contract hiring.

  3. Expat Hiring

    Any up-and-coming tech target destination values expat talents from across the world. The IT industry is known to actively seek and retain global talent due to high competition in candidates recruitment. Due to many years of experience working with international markets, Avarn has gathered a wide-ranging database of talented software developers from the Eastern Europe and beyond. Whether a client wishes to work with a chosen talent remotely or hire an expat onshore, we are happy to assist in expanding your team.

  4. Remote working process

    A dramatic rise in remote and project work became a game-changer in the tech industry. For employers seeking to hire, the market is wide open and has almost no barriers. In that case, companies have access to a worldwide talent pool but don’t always know how to operate within it. Here’s when Avarn comes to the rescue. We select the specialists or teams according to the task set, evaluate their skills and competencies to benefit the client’s project, and provide legal support in processing, including paperwork assistance.

  5. Professional Employer Organization

    PEO services are the best solution for a company that wishes to quickly and cost-effectively expand business globally. Avarn locates, recruits and onboards the employees you need on your behalf (in compliance with all local laws) and serves as the employer of record while turning their control and supervision over to you. Let us handle the paperwork while continuing to develop the business growth quickly and internationally.

  6. Recruitment process outsourcing

    RPO is one of the most popular models for businesses competing for retaining top talents. By choosing this approach, you transfer all or part of the recruitment process to an external provider, who helps to improve the internal operations. We work on-site in cooperation with your HR department, team leaders, and top managers, acting as an extension of the company’s HR function. Consequently, your company acquires a well-developed staffing solution that meets the demands of your organization.

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