What our clients say about us

Expert evaluation as a quality indicator

Avarn specialists have become thoroughly absorbed in our business process

We approached Avarn ourselves: we were pleasantly surprised by how rapidly the agency was able to fill the most atypical job openings in the industry. We were also in need of regular hiring: we have many similar and even identical positions; in this case, these are fairly complicated, specific positions with high technical requirements. Working on them is also the main challenge, especially for outside recruiters. The Avarn specialists focused immediately on our needs, made a thorough study of the processing established in the company, and even assigned personal employees to work with our requests. We have not been collaborating for long yet, but are already convinced that the Avarn approach to working with customers will always remain on a high level.

Anastasiia Negrutsa

Talent Acquisition Team Lead

ABBY is the leading world developer of solutions in intelligent information processing and business process analysis. The company is a recognized leader in the field of intelligent document processing and Process Discovery & Mining.

Avarn’s secondees work successfully on the international market

Great results on European and American labour markets

When our hiring rates increased, Avarn offered us two secondees to join our London Product recruitment team. Communication with the candidates and internal clients was conducted in English. The secondees were responsible and took their tasks seriously. Despite working remotely, they quickly adapted to the international market and company’s processes. Thank you for joining us promptly when needed!

Daria Dendobrenko

Senior Recruiter — Product

Revolut is a British fintech company providing banking services. Founded in 2015, Revolut began as a fintech startup. In 2020 Revolut was ranked 4th in a Forbes list of British clients’ favoured banks. The headquarters of the company is located in London.

Proactive Recruiting and Customer-Centeredness

Customer orientation and responsiveness - rapid vacancy closure

Our company doesn’t tend to work with recruitment agencies, but we were recommended Avarn. After our first meeting, the Avarn team started working right away. They were motivated to get the job done quickly and to fill the position. It didn’t take long to get the first results, and soon we hired our first developer. We have a truly great team of Revolut developers: it’s definitely our strong point, but our interviews are not easy to pass. Thank you so much for the speedy outcome, your level of activity, and your customer-oriented approach. Keep it up, and here’s hoping there will be more hires to come.

Tatiana Palitsina

Lead TA

Avarn People Are Persistent and Produce Results

They make things happen and are not afraid of being pushy

In the world of rapidly-growing startups, which Smartcat is a part of, the hiring demand can emerge very rapidly and must be resolved just as fast. There may be a shortage of staff recruiters, or there simply aren’t any (as happened to us when we started working with Avarn). The recruiter assigned to our company made a competent assessment of the technical requirements for the applicants and quickly provided a selection of candidates, resulting in closure. We were satisfied with our experience working with Avarn.

Arseniy Konov

VP of People

Smartcat is a universal system for working continuously on translation projects that has already led the language services industry to a change for the better. Using our platform, the content of any number of languages can be translated continuously. Smartcat offers a brand new business model to the translating industry participants, whose business is valued at $45 billion. It essentially integrates all stages of work on translations and unites translators and language service customers within a single online platform, providing them with convenient tools for successful interaction and growth.

Finding offbeat specialists in the blink of an eye

A compiler engineer position filled in three months

We asked Avarn to find several compiler engineers. We had numerous projects related to supporting and optimizing the compiler, and these projects required highly qualified people with great knowledge of C/C++ and an understanding of algorithms. In three months Avarn found five developers. The presented candidates possessed the required skills and were competent specialists who met all our requirements.

Sergey Navasardyan

Head of HR Group

Samsung Group is a South Korean company group founded in 1938. The company is famous for being an international manufacturer of high-tech components, telecommunications equipment, household appliances, audio and video devices. Has an extensive list of projects implemented in different fields of countries’ economies all over the world.

Avarn’s secret is its responsive team

A recruiter, which is not afraid of complex processes

Avarn helped us find a Senior Android developer for a unique mobile project. This was an application for interior design with elements of augmented reality. We wanted to see in our team only experts in their area of specialism, therefore candidates were given complex test exercises as part of the recruiting process. The recruiters guided the candidates through all stages of the process, and always returned to us for feedback and corrected their search strategy following our comments. Cooperation with Avarn long ago transformed into partnership, and we are looking forward to strengthening it further.

Irina Bashan

HR Director

Planner 5D is an online service, through which everyone can create professional plans and designs (e.g. home projects, landscapes, office accommodation). Over just a few years, the business has grown from a startup led by a few enthusiasts to a reliable service with more than 69 million users and more than 300 million interior design projects created.

Twelve PhDs in eight months

The approach of the Avarn recruiters to the hunt for obscure specialists was outstanding

Our development is inextricably linked with the increase in our staff numbers. When we were no longer able to cope internally with the volume of hires, specialised recruiting agencies came to the rescue. One of them was Avarn. The recruiters were faced with a difficult task: finding specialists with PhDs, with limited channels to search through. Fortunately, the agency dealt with the task brilliantly. For this task, they earmarked certain employees, who were able to estimate accurately the scale of the selection process, create individual recruitment funnels, and attract to the company a total of 12 professionals in their respective fields. The partnership left us with a real sense of a satisfaction. Thank you for meeting our needs, and for the cordial communications.

Olga Lyuibimova

Recruitment Assistant

Huawei is the leading international provider of smart devices and infrastructure solutions in the IT sector. The company has over 197,000 employees. Huawei is represented in over 170 countries and regions, and serves over three billion people throughout the world.

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