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Case «Welcome on board!»

To have the Midas touch

The pandemic that turned fintech into the circulatory system of the post-Covid economy drew the attention of investors even more. After receiving a financial impetus, our client decided not to waste time and invested all its efforts in the product. Management decided to expand the staff dramatically to make significant progress. So, Avarn had to put together dozens of teams.

Remote onboarding

Every project begins with a thorough immersion into the nuances: we identified the positions to be covered, the work scope and the tasks facing the teams. We defined the timelines and the desired phases of HR recruiting as 20–30 people per month. This task might seem complicated, but we are not afraid of difficulties.

Having discovered that the client was willing to consider options of fixed-term (contract) hiring and was not bound to an office in the UAE, we decided on a flexible approach to the challenge. We thought that it was worth betting on a T&M contract in this case and we were right.
We filled part of the team by using the fairly large resource base that we are in regular contact with and work with. We had to fill in the gaps.

We decided to start from the top and find suitable Team Leaders and then fill out the team to meet their needs. The rest is a matter of technique. Some of them brought developers with them to the project. Others expressed explicit requirements for the necessary number of hires to supplement the project. 


The popularity of remote work allowed us to broaden the search to other regions, and soon the developers we found were put in teams. By departing from the traditional model, we were able to meet the objective on time, while the client expanded its staff noticeably and started work promptly on the product with reinforcements.

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