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Case «Use logic»

Find a backend engineer who can work hard enough

A startup is often a bet on yourself. This is a situation when the team is not a main factor, and the overall success depends on each employee. 

Our customer, a cryptocurrency startup from Switzerland, not without ambition, decided to create its own financial app. Programmers from Eastern Europe with knowledge of NodeJS, JavaScript, TypeScript and the ability to "think quickly" were classified as "wanted". Yes, it was quick wits that were at the top of the customer’s rider: it turned out to be more valuable than even the experience of working with the blockchain technology.

"Ok Google" and logic puzzles

Potential employees were to work on a new fintech application, namely, deployment and support of blockchain nodes. Interested candidates were not long in coming. Only not a very smart person could refuse to work in a promising fintech startup, with a relocation and a good social package, after the epidemiological situation changed. Unfortunately, the technical stack of most of the candidates did not satisfy the customer, and the ability to solve problems outside the box remained questionable.

The recruiters needed savvy to tackle an unusual challenge. Candidates did too. How can Apple, Google, and Microsoft's Methods Fail? So we thought they can’t, and have posted the logic puzzle on popular specialized resources for programmers.

Senior NodeJs developer with a relocation perspective

At first time, the results were disappointing: the puzzle turned out to be too difficult, none of the participants of the forum could succeed. We received the correct answer when there was no hope of a successful outcome.

No coincidences exist, and accidents are not accidental. The user who answered correctly turned out to be a senior NodeJs developer. By a surprising coincidence, for the few recent years he developed an application similar to the customer’s one. During this time, he thoroughly studied the required processes and was ready to tackle a new non-standard project. 

The specialist accepted the offer without any hesitation. The company got an experienced backend engineer within a short time, and we gained a new way of processing candidates.

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