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Case «The secret of adaptation»

Universal digital

Today it's very hard to imagine our lives without online services. You know this yourself: instant messaging, food delivery, video conferencing, car sharing – the canvas of your life is no doubt full of all these things. The digital solutions of our client encompassed all types of well-known passenger transport throughout the world, but in Poland this service wasn't yet available. The client proposed to continue their expansion, and for the product to hit the mark, an outstanding team was required.

From a faiyrtale to real life

In order to make the project a reality, we had to find a Head of Product, a high-class specialist with a wide area of responsibility including product localisation, marketing, and even recruiting. At the testing stage, the hiring of a new team had not been planned for. Localisation should have been provided for with the help of a European development, recruiting, and marketing team, through local partners. The latter was still to be found.

We conducted an interview with the Head Office and formed a profile of the future candidate: excellent understanding of the market, experience managing project, experience releasing major online products, and likewise, impressive technical expertise. Where we to find such a person? The recruiter began with a search through companies who were on a similar path. Potential candidates exited the competition one-by-one: some because of their failure to meet the technical demands of the role, others because they were not sufficiently interested in project work. In the end, the recruiter found the ideal CV. The candidate had had success providing technical supervision to projects, but the key line was participation in a project localising the well-known TravelTech platform. Over the past five years which he had spent in one company, he had risen to the position of CTO. We proposed that he had been there too long.

A career awakening

Career stagnation is a condition which only affects the ambitious. The specialist we had found had an incredible array of skills, including market analysis, financial modelling and customer development. Armed with this knowledge, it was clear to the recruiter that he was failing to achieve his full potential in the present role. If the candidate were to go outside of his comfort zone, everything would be to play for.

We mobilised all our skills of persuasion, included our most persuasive colleagues, and sought in inspire our top manager. It was straightforward enough. He would be given carte blanche to develop the service; the opportunity to dictate the rules of the game in the market in the end was inspiration enough to the specialist. An additional motivation was the possibility to relocate to the United States. The selection process stage and the final interview were soon behind us. With our help, the client not only found local partners, and set up a recruitment scheme, but also were successful in getting their start in a new market.

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