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Case «Limitless recruiting»

Find a SAP consultant with fluent German for project work

A French IT giant dealing with digital transformation and systems integration in Europe approached us. A project for the implementation of SAP systems required a professional with fluent German. We had to look for him at the domestic market.

When charisma is an invincible soft skill

We have conducted a research of the vacancy and made up a portrait of the ideal candidate. An experienced sapper who knows how to build product processes, knows ABAP and for some inexplicable reason craves for travel so much that he will not be confused by either closed borders or by regular business trips. A daunting challenge in a pandemic.

As expected, the need to travel in the era of quarantine reigns discouraged candidates. A few months later, we showed the customer only 10 applicants, but none of them matched technically.

The success of filling a vacancy is always related to the competent collection of feedback, so our recruiters began to process the feedback. It turned out that one of the candidates really liked the team as a person, although his technical skills did not fully meet the request. The customer intended to offer the specialist a different position, but we decided not to miss the chance to close the vacancy. After having interviewed the candidate, we came to a unanimous conclusion: his character will allow him to quickly adapt to the project, and knowledge can be improved. It remains to convince the customer of this.

Turn "no" into "yes"

The employer and the candidate felt a “chemistry” between each other, all that remained was to competently push them towards each other. We acted as mediators and built communication in such a way that a perfect match happened.

Together with the candidate, we processed the fears associated with the pandemic, and assumed the resolution of legal issues: we provided the opportunity to work remotely before the relocation, executed the documents and helped with the establishment of the necessary legal entities. We convinced the customer not to abandon a charismatic candidate who is the best fit for a managerial position withregular trips

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