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Case «Relocation is a family matter»


There are cases when searching for a candidate is not the toughest part of our job. One of the biggest Eurasian banks asked us to find a data analyst for its Kyiv office.

And we did. The only problem was this specialist lived in a different country. That was when all the fun started as his family didn’t want to move to Kiyv. But the company wanted this candidate and wasn’t ready to back down.


The candidate met all the requirements perfectly: the recommendations, the background, the experience, and the motivation. It was his opportunity to become a part of a powerful team and grow professionally. But the relocation became an obstacle: his wife was absolutely against the whole idea.

Being a non-IT worker, the wife didn’t understand the possible prospects of her husband in the client’s company. She herself worked as a specialist in personnel records management in a pension fund. She had stable work with a good position, and in the bureaucratic world a good position means “working for a long period of time and working hard”. There seemed to be no reason to break out of their comfort zone.

But the company was serious, and our recruiter set a solid task: not to let this candidate escape. The data analyst himself was very keen on going but how could we convince his wife?


Our recruiter connected the client’s HR specialist with the candidate’s wife so that she could hear about all the possibilities for her husband in the company first-hand. But it turned out to be even more interesting. Considering her experience in the pension fund, the wife was a perfect candidate for a similar position in the client's company.

This is a one-in-a-million opportunity, so we did our active part in negotiating the deal. People don’t usually cooperate enthusiastically, especially when they’re not willing to consider changing jobs or relocation. But our recruiter knows how to sell the position to erase the doubts.

The happy couple moved to Kyiv, both having brand-new jobs to look forward to. The husband evolved professionally in data analysis, and the wife learned that your job can bring you joy instead of stress. The company gained both a great data analyst and a specialist in personnel records management.

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