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Case «Investing in human resources»

The success of a startup is the competent personnel policy

Our client, a rising star of the Silicon Valley, develops and implements fundamentally new differentiated marketing and multimedia advertising technologies. Their systems are integrated with the largest providers of real-time bidding, which allows them to use almost the entire global market of online advertising platforms.

During the pandemic, the market began to develop even more rapidly, the business had to be scaled up. With the number of personnel growing, performance began to be reducing. We were invited to conduct the audit of the current situation, review the personnel policy and select suitable candidates for the upcoming “castling”.

Define roles and their functions

We started with the analysis of the client’s global and strategic goals:

  • we have defined long-term and short-term goals;

  • visualized the development strategy;

  • clarified the company’s growth areas;

  • we went through all the departments and assessed efficiency of the current personnel policy.

We found out that the current team performed a lot of unnecessary functions. Therefore, we proposed to outsource some of secondary tasks, and invite an expert to coordinate all the processes related to product management. To do this, it was necessary to establish a new position — Technical Product Manager.

Focus on the long-term perspective

Attracting an expensive expert was not part of the client’s plans. We had to prove that this was long-term investment in business development. The recruiter built the road map in two alternative versions: with the expert and without one. This allowed us to show benefits of introducing into the process a competent Technical Product Manager: with this expert, the time to achieve the goal was reduced from 12 to 4 months, and the related costs should be reimbursed within 6 months.

By the time the strategy was presented, the recruiter had already had a suitable candidate for this position in his “arsenal”. The candidate had 10 years of experience in commercial development, team management and building business processes. The first interview with the candidate was successful, and within a few weeks he started managing the product.

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