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Case «High culture developer»

To find a Multitasking Senior Java Developer for Multiple Projects

Our partner is a global expert in software development of any type. A Fortune 2000 company creates end-to-end solutions in 20+ countries on 4 continents and collaborates with Google on digital projects. The customer employs many Eastern European developers, but has not yet decided to open an office in the region. Normally, it offers them a relocation to one of the American offices.

This time we got a request for a Senior Java developer who could easily switch between projects and was ready to quickly adapt. For example, in the case of a shift in focus from finance to bioinformatics. The customer doubted: is it worth considering new market so attractive for hiring during the pandemic or better focus on the local market, because relocation is impossible?

Mathematical cybernetics as cultural capital

We decided to make the search in two markets parallel. The task is large-scale, we have allocated a separate recruiter for it. After a couple of weeks, it had several suitable resumes and the first conclusions: a relocation is temporarily impossible, but remote work is completely feasible. We articulated all the pros and cons, clarified the legal aspects and offered the customer to hire a local candidate.

The customer appreciated the comprehensive approach, concern for the performance and gave the green light to the remote position. Wу only needed to choose the candidate. Our recruiter had a mind of a Java developer who was just getting his Ph.D. in discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics at one of the Eastern European universities. The benefit in the form of additional education seemed interesting to us: the customer was looking for a multitasking specialist, and mathematical cybernetics just means managing large amounts of information.

From Java developer to a new look at the international IT community

After having acquainted the candidate with the customer, we realized that we had hit the bull's-eye. The scientific degree has become a selling point. We closed the position, and the customer was impressed by how multicultural IT community really is.

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