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Case «Genetics of recruitment»


Thanks to us, a company from the USA that develops genetic tests discovered the market of Eastern European candidates. A top education, a desire to understand complex things, and a willingness to lead a project make them stand out. The customer assessed the situation and decided to hire more Eastern European developers. Avarn was asked to open a local office and complete the full talent acquisition cycle, including compliance managing and onboarding. 

Not going to lie: the competition was fierce. Genetic technology is an exciting and socially important field. The latter factor is why the recruitment processing was so complex. The company has a massive responsibility for the final product, so each candidate has to go through at least five stages of selection. Several technical assignments, interviews with the manager, team lead and the office head: the waiting time of an offer increases significantly. Middle-level specialists are usually ready for it, but senior developers created some difficulties. Experienced candidates refused to wait and left the race. Recruiters had to keep an eye on each one individually, stir their interest and, most importantly, keep them motivated.


Middle back- and front-end developers were successfully recruited. We were actively looking for an advanced full-stack. One of the senior jobseekers has long dreamed of getting into this company and seemed ready to wait for as long as necessary. He was perfect: Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, SQL and English C1. After a successful interview with the manager, all that remained was to accept the offer. However, he received a more lucrative offer from a different company at the last moment. That's just bad luck.

When someone tries to lure the candidate with big numbers, the recruiter needs to recall the very first contact with a specialist and identify the source of his motivation. We remembered that working in a socially important area was vital for the candidate. He just had to be reminded of that.


Avarn's recruiter went into a new round of negotiations with the developer. As we suspected, the competitor's only trump card was higher income. And you can always beat it off with additional benefits. We know that loyalty and motivation are worth extra investments because such an employee's contribution is always more significant. After discussion with the customer, a welcome bonus was included in the counteroffer. That’s how the scales instantly tipped in our customer's favour.

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