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Case «Expanding the boundaries of search»

To find a Senior Developer to strengthen cyber immunity

The issue of data protection in the network is a priority not only for business, but also for private users.  Companies in the digital security market are constantly improving and upgrading their products to fit existing operating systems.

A major German player in the field of cybersecurity needed a Senior C++ Developer for working out the architecture of solutions for its new service.  We had to find a talented developer who could build the project communication.

Dissect the root of the problem

Before contacting us, the company had already tried to find a suitable specialist in Germany and faced the difficulty as follows: technically experienced developers were not interested in dealing with the product that implies regular upgrades.

We assumed that this is due to the German IT market specificity, analyzed the sphere and found out that in Germany, the number of small narrow-profile companies significantly exceeds the number of large corporations.  The obvious disadvantage of this specific feature is that there is a small number of personnel on the market that can quickly adapt to work outside the familiar subject area.

The first decision of our recruiter was to search through internal channels for those who had already registered their participation in development of protective systems.  We considered and contacted many suitable specialists, but none of them was interested in the vacancy.

In this situation, it is useful to return to the customer’s original request and once again formulate the main task.  The client needed a specialist to be able, first of all, to adapt to
rapidly changing realities.  It was not so important to search for the expert in Germany, so we suggested expanding the search geography.

Infatuation with the industry is half of success

We found a candidate to meet the technical requirements in Bulgaria. He did not speak German, but he had long dreamed of moving into the field of information security.  The client agreed: in this case the employee’s motivation, experience and skills were more valuable than linguistic knowledge. The company received its expert, and the candidate went to German courses to prepare for the upcoming relocation.

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