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Case «Dark Horse»

High stakes for China

A major player in the betting market has started developing a new product for entering China. To implement the project, we needed a talented business development manager, an expert in the field of sports betting, the owner of the wide range of skills: from full quality control of the service under development to preparation of the partnership strategy. To catch such a rare fish, we decided to send our recruiter directly to the client’s office.

Excitement occurs during the game

At the start of the project, the client had neither internal recruiters, nor work experience in that region. After analyzing the situation, we “lent” our expert to the company, for full immersion in the project. He had to not just find a suitable candidate, but build on the customer’s site the selection and hiring process from scratch.

To do this, it was necessary to thoroughly identify the client’s needs, analyze the Chinese recruitment market, draw up the recruitment strategy, and even assess business risks.  At the end of the study, our recruiter made the unexpected conclusion: the client needs no business development manager.  At this stage, one needs to raise the stakes and start hunting for a rarer specialist.

More skills — more business prospects

The recruiter offered the client a C-level candidate who had already created client bases, and successfully attracted new users in the Chinese market. The expert’s technical skills exceeded the required ones, but we were able to convince the client of the need for investing a more equipped professional.

The decision turned out to be a winning one. As business director, the candidate exceeded both ours and the client’s expectations. His expertise and interest in the field made it possible for the product to win the market in shortest terms. 

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