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Case «Business painkiller»

Moving Up

Fast-growing startups always risk losing their upward trajectory while scaling. To prevent this, companies outsource parts of the business processes: this way, the company's production capacity remains a priority, and the issue of hiring is resolved effectively, efficiently and, which is especially important at this stage, economically.

One of our European clients got investments from the UAE and decided to move the office closer to the investors. Being familiar with hiring issues, the founder already knew the value of international programmers and once again sought our assistance. We had to bring a group of relevant employees to the project and take on all personnel issues related to their onboarding and employment.

Assembling the growth engine

It was necessary to assemble 12-15 people in a month: from the team lead to a tester. A typical task, but nuanced. The customer wanted to build the team in Dubai as soon as possible. To complete the job, we expanded our search offshore. Specialists unwilling to relocate were to be hired for remote work through a PEO (Personal Employer Organization). Others were offered a relocation package to move to Dubai.

Avarn's resource base formed over the years allowed us to quickly find a suitable team lead who brought the back and front developers. We found the QA engineer in Bulgaria and tracked down the project manager in Poland. Then we held remote interviews and skills assessment, prepared a set of documents and relocated the talents to Dubai. That's how the dream team came together.

Compliance without complexes

Staffing is a vital business process that can be outsourced to save time and money. While we were recruiting tech talents and managing compliance, our client could focus on the quality of the product and quickly increase the labour resources necessary for its implementation. When it comes to startups, core issues resolving come before staffing, don't you agree?

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